Whether it’s in a hotel, a mall, or a condominium, the concierge is a lifeline that clients and residents can depend on – whether they need help with directions, recommendations on things to do, and booking a ride, to name a few. Century Properties takes pride in the concierge services offered across its properties. Aside from the tasks mentioned, they strive to help in any way they can to make sure residents have little or none to worry about. As front liners, they are flexible, efficient, and always ready with a helping hand.

Beyond the warm smiles, they offer once you enter a property, the concierge can also help you with deliveries, book appointments, reserve amenities, and other daily needs. Known for its sincere service from the heart, Century’s concierge delivers professional assistance like no other to make sure you have a worry-free and comfortable living experience. Here’s a list of things they can help you with once you move in:

Keep you in the loop

Are there announcements within the property that you need to know or a schedule of maintenance activities that you need to be aware of? Trust the concierge to let you know of important announcements and messages left for you so you don’t miss out.

Make moving in stress-free

Moving into a new home means dealing with permits, papers, and transferring a ton of boxes from your old house to your new space. Lessen the load on your shoulders by asking the concierge for help when it comes to your moving in requirements and the gate pass you might need.


Milano Residences Concierge Team

Tour the property

Once you’ve settled in, you may want to walk around and familiarize yourself with the property. The concierge can be your expert tour guide who can bring you from one area to the next while giving you a few inside information on amenity schedules, house rules, and other important policies you need to keep in mind.

Schedule an amenity

Are you planning to use the function room or the movie room? Avoid the risk of double-booking or arriving at a packed amenity area by notifying the concierge about your preferred schedule. You may also ask them to remind you about it a day before.

Send and deliver parcels

Need help with handling parcels? The concierge can do it for you. You can also notify them if you’re expecting packages to arrive so they can wait for it and receive it for you.

Booking a ride

Going somewhere? They can help you book a ride and settle transportation services you need to get to your destination – including car rental.

Find entertainment and leisure places in the city

What’s the best place to visit on a Friday night? From bars and restaurants to must-visit spots in the city, you can ask the concierge to recommend a place you can check out. Going out on a weekend with the family? They are knowledgeable about the area and can give suggestions on where you can unwind as well.


Azure Concierge Team


Reserve and book appointments

Do you need to drop by the salon quickly? They can place a call for you. Having dinner outside? The concierge can make you feel like VIP by reserving a table under your name. Of course, they can also help you give your furry friends the TLC they deserve by booking a grooming appointment in your preferred pet grooming salon.

Gramercy Concierge Team

Arrange laundry services and water delivery

Got a full hamper at home? You can give the concierge a call to ask for assistance in arranging laundry services. If you’re busy, they can schedule the delivery of your clothes, too.

Help with cable and Internet applications

In some residential developments of Century Properties, the concierge can help you stay connected by providing assistance when it comes to cable and Internet application. You can inquire about this, provide the requirements needed, and they can take it from there.

The concierge of Century Properties works tirelessly day and night to be able to give assistance. Pay it forward by being nice and greeting them if you see them in the lobby or hallway. The members of the concierge are the familiar and friendly faces you can always count on.

Watch the video below to know more about what sets apart the concierge of Century Properties from the rest:

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Source: CPG Blog | August 16, 2019