By Mae Lorraine Rafols Lorenzo

One of the first decisions to be made by new couples starting a life together is figuring out how their first home would turn out. More than just putting a roof above their heads, investing in a new house, apartment, or condo signifies their commitment that they are both in it for the long run—or forever!

After going through the technical details and financial aspect of actually buying a home, the next major decision would be the furnishing and design of a couple’s new place.

Getting to design your house is a personal and fulfilling experience because it symbolizes independence and represents the personality of you and your partner. One wrong move, however, can spell disaster and unneccesary expenses.

So once you get the initial empty shell of a new home, where do you actually start?

Home stylist Julienne Cruz answers some questions to clarify which elements to prioritize in designing
your new home.

What are the first elements that a new couple should consider when designing their new home?

First, both of you should agree on a budget. Planning for your new home as a couple is one of the most exciting milestones of your lives. So before you both get carried away with your Pinterest mood board, agree on a budget first.

If you have a modest budget, you don’t need to fully design or style your new home and burn a hole in your wallets. You can do it per phase!

Next, you need to consider your current lifestyles and needs to guide the functionality of your space. As a new couple, you’re merging two lives together so there’s bound to be differences in needs and preferences especially on how a new home should accommodate all your things and day-to-day activities. Ask yourselves if your new condo is a halfway home from your family house or a primary home where everything you have should fit.

Source: Manila Bulletin | September 4, 2019