Century Properties

Century Properties is a leading Philippine real estate developer, hailed worldwide for its dynamic residential developments and industry-pushing, high-end luxury buildings.

By focusing on future-ready communities and brand associations that provide a better quality of life Century Properties has positioned itself as a forward-thinking catalyst of urban change.

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The partnership between Daniel Libeskind, Armani/Casa and Century Properties signifies a firm commitment to groundbreaking real estate that edifies not only the residents but the city as well. Daniel Libeskind’s exemplary vision and creativity fit Century’s pursuit of pioneering and life-enhancing projects. Armani/Casa’s deeply personal design and creative flair match both Century’s stylistic vision and Libeskind’s cutting-edge world appeal. The three-name collaboration is a fitting match for 21st century Philippine real estate.

Working with Century Properties to deliver the cutting edge architectural design of Century Spire is GF and Partners, a Makati-based professional partnership composed of committed Filipino architects.

Formed on December 20, 1973 to pursue the vision of Architect Gabriel P. Formoso, GF and Partners combines the aesthetic, technical and economic aspects of design with human and functional considerations. The firm’s track record holds some of the country’s most illustrious residential, office and commercial buildings, as well as hotels, educational centers, and a number of other major landmarks and facilities.

Century Spire is one of several projects that Century Properties is proud to collaborate on with GF and Partners.